DesignFormulas – Yun Chen's talk on Design
Work as a UX designer in Hangzhou - fun fact on designers' career path
Yun Chen - Designer in Hangzhou
Language: Chinese
"In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer design positions in the Internet industry. Generally speaking, the competition for positions in the industry is fierce, and senior designers are gradually becoming saturated. For many freshly graduated college students, sometimes it is not possible. Get started directly. For some returnees who have graduated from abroad, if you have some previous internship experience, plus your own personal design experience and experience, you can get started as soon as possible. Designers who have just worked for 2-3 years are doing In terms of the program itself, the output is comparable to that of senior designers. However, for many senior designers, they can have a great advantage in handling cooperative relations and understanding the direction of macro products in their work. If the two parties can cooperate and exchange more , Should produce very good works."
“近年来互联网界的设计职位已经越来越少了。大的方向上来讲,行业内职位竞争激烈,高级设计师也逐渐趋于饱和。对于很多刚毕业的大学生来讲, 有时候也并不能直接上手。对于一些国外毕业回来的海归来讲,如果之前有些实习经验,再加上自己个人的设计方面的经验和阅历,是可以尽快上手工作的。刚工作2-3年的设计师在做方案本身上, 产出和高级设计师的不相上下。然而对于很多高级设计师来讲的,可以在处理工作中合作关系和了解宏观产品方向上占很大优势。如果两方面可以多多合作交流,应该会产出很优秀的作品。“