Grow as the solo designer in a start-up company in Amsterdam
Xiaoyu Shen - Designer in Amsterdam
Language: Chinese
"I would suggest designing as your unique way of communication. You use a visual language to communicate with others, and it is one thing to communicate with others in words and words. The purpose of communication is to get feedback from others, and then promote together The improvement of this project. Of course, as a designer, you need to have the ability to "defend" your design. I am not saying that you have to argue with others when you get an inconclusive evaluation, but you can explain your design from your perspective The reason for the decision, this may be the result of the research, it may be the user’s feedback, so that your colleagues and your team understand the design. Of course, if others simply give negative (or positive) comments, then you need to ask is Let him explain his point of view, why he feels good or bad. If he gives a good reason, then listen and incorporate others’ opinions. But if it’s personal preference, or some unfounded reason , Then you can ignore it. Trust your professional ability."