Design artist in Beijing - design localization and future design trends
Gio - Designer & Artist in Beijing
Language: Chinese
"Different design systems lead to different designs that everyone prefers. Contemporary art was introduced from the West to China relatively late, and the system was formed relatively late. And in many cities in China, the deep-rooted aesthetics are not in line with the world. Although we have reached 2020, everyone’s ability to accept design is still at the beginning of the 20th century. The design environment is very important. These large environments are like soil. The design of each city is related to its own degree of openness, such as in some ports. The greater the flow of urban information, these cities are more tolerant of new designs and the aesthetics may be higher."
“设计体系不同导致大家偏好的设计会有所不同。当代艺术是从西方传来的 到了中国相对较晚 从体系形成上较晚。而且在中国的很多城市中根深蒂固的审美是没有和世界接轨的。我们虽然已经到了2020年 但是大家对设计的接受能力还停留在20世纪初。设计的环境很关键 这些大环境就像是是土壤一样。各个城市的设计与各自的开放程度有关 比如在一些港口城市信息流动大 这些城市的对新设计的包容性就更强 随之审美度可能就更高。”