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Future Formulas
Future is coming! In the upcoming future, the technology will change so fast and impact everything and everyone deeply. Our life will be dramatically changed.
Machine extends our human mind
Human was scorning the computer for playing bad chess, but just 5 years later, the computer can defeat human. It is a sure answer that machines will encompass us. Machine in future will exceed human intelligence. Human brain has flaws. Take human memory as an example, we are good at remembering things, but horrible at recalling details. Machine has been becoming and will be more tremendously be our extended mind. What we are weak at, can be balanced via smart machine. The machine, with its increasing intelligence, can be embedded in anywhere at any time.
Seamless and emotional interaction
New human machine interaction require seamlessly action and response between human and machine. Despite the fact that machine cannot have human emotions, however, we human do treat machine emotionally. Building “emotion” of machine has been a hot topic in Artificial Intelligence. The main thing here is that designing for human emotion is a new HCI challenge. What if machine can react to human stress, happiness, anger, and other emotional feelings?
Future is in our hands
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